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Friday, August 18, 2017

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice
Prolife Petitions Banner

Take a few minutes to be a voice. To do so you need not even leave this webpage!

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice Sign Prolife Petition Calling for Abortion Ban

You can take a few minutes to be a voice. You need only add your name to two prolife campaigns. Two petitions. Petition One involves an abortion ban AND strengthening alternatives. Of course, we know that abortion kills over 3500 babies daily. In the U.S. alone! All of us who are prolife want abortion to be illegal. We want it to be banned. Yes, many advance the "coat hanger" theory to argue against illegal abortion. That is, they argue that women "need" abortions. This theory betrays ignorance about alternatives. Apologists for this theory don't realize that an estimated 17,000 community clinics exist that serve women and babies. They forget that there are actually no "unwanted" children. Many couples are desperate to adopt. Their first choice are babies. But there is a serious shortage of babies. The reason? Abortion snuffed out their lives. Many of these babies could have been wanted and loved in an adoptive home. This petition goes further than calling for an abortion ban. It calls for funding for the estimated 17,000 community clinics. Subsidies for qualified adoptive couples would be helpful. So this petition calls for this. And what about a new alternative to replace abortion? Two-year temporary foster care? This campaign calls for this to be law in all 50 states. To be optional for those who want children "but not now." To end a tragic epidemic and improve alternatives, sign the embedded petition below. Have you signed it? Then share this post! Outside the U.S.? Share this post so your U.S. friends can sign it! Thank you.

Sign this petition also on Petition2Congress:

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice Sign Prolife Petition to Make Banning Abortion Bi-Partisan

You can take a few minutes to be a voice. Right on this second petition. We who are prolife or abolitionist want abortion banned. Unfortunately, we must be realistic. Banning abortion and protecting the unborn is now partisan. Divisive. I can't count the number of times I've heard it argued that this is a "Republican issue." An abortion ban and prolife advocacy are considered "conservative concerns." I know why this is. Planned Parenthood now owns the Democratic leadership. Planned Parenthood has paid off DEmocratic leaders. My hope and prayer is that God will raise up a prolife Democrat to eventually fill the Democratic Chairmanship! First of all, let me define a "prolife Democrat." This is a person who identifies with the Democratic Party on all social justice and economic issues. But this person upholds the right of the unborn to live. He or she wants to fight for the unborn within the Democratic Party. Doing so would make protecting the unborn a bi-partisan issue. As the buzzwords say, United we stand and divided we fall. This is especially true when trying to abolish a social evil through being part of the solution. Thus I hope that you'll sign the embedded petition below. If you've already signed it, then simply share this page. Outside the U.S.? THen share this page so your U.S. friends can sign! Thank you.

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth
Photo Courtesy of  Melissa Thomas

Disability rights!

We don't want pity! We want acceptance and inclusion!

It's our world too!

Accept us for who we are!

Nothing about us without us!

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth Some Background of Disability Discrimination

Discrimination of those with disabilities has a long history. Here's a quick summary. In ancient times such individuals typically faced ostracism, even from their families. They were treated as second-class or third-class citizens. You can read the Bible accounts of those disabled persons Jesus healed. As time went on, the standing of the disabled didn't improve much. They often lived in institutions with many others with disabilities. Typically they were deemed as needing physical protection from the world. In being "protected" the outside community couldn't see them. They were invisible. As we entered more modern times more and more scientific discoveries were made. After public policy had many institutions close down, many of these people were released into the community. They lived with their families or other relatives. They often grew up in special class settings or survived in regular education. But did things truly improve?

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth The Disabled and the Church

Conditions in society had improved. That's true especially for those with physical disabilities. They were more likely to grow in in regular education and be gainfully employed as adults. Those with invisible disabilities, such as mental illness and mental disabilities or neurological conditions, seemed to do less well. And what about the Church of Jesus Christ and those with disabilities? According to research and my own experience, it seemed that disability awareness was scant among Christians. When the disability awareness was addressed it touched on the severely disabled. I have never seen disabled people serving in any position of leadership. Few of the and their families join our congregations that I have known about. We were once in a congregation that was an exception and I'm sure there are other exceptions. The same holds true in Christian education. The result? Many children and adults with all types of disabilities are unreached. People with disabilities may be the most unreached people group among us.

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth Abortion and Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination begins before birth. Courtesy of the eugenics movement, abortion is often pushed on parents who learn that their babies may have special needs. I know this from experience. My pregnancy was deemed a "high risk pregnancy." This was because I was diagnosed with Marfan's Syndrome. Marfan's is a genetic disorder and affects the heart's aorta, the eyes and one's connective tissues. Also, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which has been fully controlled by medication for over 20 years. The clinic I was using referred me to a geneticist. He offered me amniocentesis. "If the amnio shows a birth defect, you can always terminate the pregnancy." My husband and I stated that we believed that life begins at conception. He said, "Well, you're just being offered abortion as an option in the case of a poor prenatal diagnosis. It's legal." One of my doctors, a neurologist, told me that he advises all his patients: "Don't get pregnant." Research bears out this eugenics culture. ACcording to an article, some 90 percent of parents abortion unborn children diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, according to an article that can be read here. I'm sure the abortion rate is similar for other diagnosed genetic condtions.

Protecting the Disabled Starts Before Birth Be Part of the Solution

We live in a culture strongly influenced by eugenics. I see it in my own family! Wen the topic of poor prenatal diagnosis comes up, I hear that abortion is the answer. "Why should a baby be born if he's going to suffer all his life?" "It's irresponsible to bring a baby with birth defects into this world. What a devastating way to go through life." The other day, I read the article headlines that 60 percent of Americans support abortion in the case of the Zika virus (source unknown). How can we be part of the solution? Well, we Christians need to educate ourselves about various disabilities. Are you in leadership? Invest in accommodations to include them in our congregations. Preach and teach disabilities awareness. Include those with disabilities in church life. Consider them for leadership positions. We in the prolife movement need to continue celebrating the lives of those with disabilities. We should do more about addressing their rights as born people. This avoids the idea that we are just "pro-birth." I applaud those who adopt or foster children with special needs. More of you in the position to adopt ought to consider special needs adoption.

In the meantime, will you take a simple and inclusive action?

Support a petition that is inclusive and protects those with or without disabilities! If you can't sign it because you're out of the US or have already signed, will you kindly share it so others can support it?

Ban All Abortion & Strengthen Its Alternatives!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates
Political Meme

That woman is a wicked witch!

She's a snake!

He is a mass murderer!

She is a baby killer!


Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates The Current Political Landscape

It's a toxic political landscape. Anyone following the news at all knows this. Politics has always brought out the worst in us. Nasty, misleading attack ads flood TV networks. This year has seen dirty politics reach new lows. I have been hearing the hate at home. I have been reading of this hare all over the Internet. On Christian sites and prolife sites the vitriol isn't as bad. But it's still there. I have seen hostile comments directed to pro-abortion politicians like Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. I've seen them levelled at Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood CEO, and others. I understand why this is. These pro-abortion activists support and enable the killing of innocent babies. This isn't okay and we should speak up against it. But directing hostility, vitriol, and ill will toward these activists won't change anything. We need to expose evil without being obnoxious about it. I see posts that suggest that these individuals are pure evil incarnate, with no redeeming qualities. To you I quote Abraham Lincoln: "There is no much evil in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us that we shouldn't speak ill of any of us." Can I get an amen?

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates Abortion As A Polarizing Issue

Abortion is a polarizing issue. This is why it's an act of courage to talk about it. I find it saddening that the divide is often along partisan lines. That's why I provide an embedded petition Making Fighting for the Unborn a Bi-Partisan Issue! in the sticky post on this site. At this time it's seen as a "conservative" and "Republican" issue. How do we deal with this partisan divide? We're to continue to speak out against the pro-abortion agenda where we find it, even in the GOP. For some Republican politicians support abortion. We handle the deep divide in the U.S. by celebrating what we're for instead of railing at what we're against. In regard to Hillary Clinton, people have been known to rant: "Hang that traitor! Hang that traitor!" "Lock her up! Lock her up!" and "Don't vote for this b----!" While we may not agree with them, the other side are equally passionate about "protecting women's rights." How do we deal with them? Those of us who follow Jesus know that prayer is our power. This isn't because of anything about us but because of the Person Whom we pray to. So don't rail at pro-abortion activists and politicians. Pray for them!

Stop Bashing Pro-Abortion Politicians and Advocates Where Our Hope Is Found

Putting a Republican in the White House and in both Houses of Congress won't save us. We've seen that the GOP, in their own way, have exhibited moral cowardice and compromises with their own values. And what about their frequent ties to Wall Street? Their desire to give tax breaks to the wealthy? Ignoring social-economic issues facing so many in society? Every election season, politicians make their pitches to us. So often they plead: "Vote for me and I'll fix this mess!" THey tell us, in effect, that they'll be our saviors. Newsflash: No politician or activist can save us. They have no more power than God allows them to have. They may have some power; they may have lots of power. But God has power over them. I know it seems like He gives many politicians a lot of rope. We must remember that unless they repent, the ropes they have will hang them. For this reason, we pray for their salvation, repentance and conversions.

In the meantime, consider doing something positive. Something that can effect change! I'm challenging you to view the pdf file I attached to this post. Consider downloading it and printing up a paper version of a prolife petition. It's Defund Planned Parenthood AND Fund Alternatives!. Then try to gather signatures from like-minded contacts you know. Do the best you can. Then scan the paper petition with the signatures and send it to me as an attachment at Thank you for making a positive difference!

View and DownLoad

Don't have the time to circulate that prolife petition? Then support this one:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan!

Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan!
Handmade Prolife Banner

Vote prolife. What does this usually mean?

Vote Republican.

Support prolife politicians. What does this normally mean?

Support Republican politicians.

Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan! Current Situation

Protect the unborn! Yes we must do that especially because the law doesn't protect them. Why is it such a struggle? Why is the word abortion linked so strongly with politics in people's minds? Because of this, and because politics polarizes us, the abortion debate remains highly partisan and divisive. Democrats in political leadership frame this debate as women's reproductive freedom and healthcare. Sadly, protecting the unborn has become a "Republican" issue, while Democrats frame this debate as "abortion rights" and "women's healthcare." The general tendency of Republican leadership to protect the unborn would be an unmixed blessings but for the fact that their policies tend to hurt born people. Most people know the GOP as espousing policies that benefit the wealthy, like tax cuts and laws that benefit corporate America. Their policies tend to hurt low-income citizens, those with disabilities, single parents, and minority families and individuals. Democrats are good about social justice issues while ignoring the unborn and denying them their right to live. Sadly, their pro-abortion stance must be a deal-breaker even for those among us who care deeply about social justice issues (which Republicans tend to ignore). Is there any resolution for this quandary?

Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan! Why We need Democrats in Prolife Advocacy

Calling prolife Democrats! Many in the prolife community, I fear, may see prolife Democrat as an oxymoron. This is unfortunate and shows how the Democratic leadership isn't only deceived but are deceiving others. They suppress the voices of Democrats who disagree with them on abortion. Planned Parenthood(PP) has paid of these Democrat leaders. To stay electable, they don't permit dissent within ther party and fear that they'll fall out of favor with PP. PP help fund Democratic candidates. What I find most disheartening are that those who used to identify as prolife Democrats, tend "flip plop" on abortion Examples are former Vice President (to Bill Clinton) Al Gore and former Congressman Richard Gephart. Currently, Democratic Vice President to Candidate Clinton, Tim Kaine, has identified as prolife Democrat. We can criticize them as selling out their principles but it shows the sad state of the Democratic Party, how comepletely PP own that party. Things must change, and we need Democrats to join us in fighting for the unborn. They can only do that if the Democratic leadership will permit dissent within their party, and give prolife DEmocrats a voice.

Let's Make Protecting the Unborn Bi-Partisan! Ideas On How to Make This Work

Prolife Democrats needed! How do we make this work? We need to welcome those in the prolife movement who identify as Democrat. We need to appeal to those in Democratic leadership. They are the ones who can permit prolife Democrats a voice. This means allowing prolife Democrats to be elected not just at local but at state and federal levels. The late Bob Casey, Sr, was a prolife Democrat who served as Governor of Pennsylvania. He fought for the unborn within his party and was popular. Republicans respected him. Planned Parenthood sued him, and they won the suit. We need more prolife Democrats like the late Bob Casey, Sr.. Below, I embedded a petition to Donna Brazile, current head of the Democratic Party. It's an appeal to her to allow prolife Democrats to have a voice within the Party, and to allow them to get elected without fear of their voices being suppressed. You don't have to be a prolife Democrat to sign or share. You only need to recognize that fighting for the unborn must be bi-partisan. You can sign this petition right on this page. Please sign the embedded petition below, even if you don't identify as Democrat. You need not leave the page to sign it.

Then visit this website and see how you can support Democrats for Life.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn
Prolife Memorial

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn Remember All Lost Lives

September 10. Day of remembering the unborn? When that day comes to mind, what do you think of? Do you think of it as the day before September 11? The day before the worst terrorist attack on American soil? If so, I can't say I blame you. This culture doesn't encourage us to remember the lives of the unborn. In fact, it discourages this. In a Western culture and certainly in the US, we have come to accept legalized abortion. We've come to think of it as choice, as reproductive freedom, and even as healthcare. If it's a choice, a right and even healthcare, what is there to remember? What is there to mourn or grieve? Usually, anniversares of death are no-brainers. They aren't controversial. We give funerals for lost loved ones, spending time and dollars on them. Our news outlets will frequently interrupt regular programming with news of mass killings or terrorist attacks. Yet, abortion kills over 3500 babies daily. Never will the media cover their deaths. No one does funerals for them. Once kill they're disposed of and forgotten. Only those who identify as prolife or abolitionist will remember them. September 10 has been set aside to focus on these unseen lives. While we don't want to get morbid by focusing on death, we want to show respect for them by remembering. THat includes abortion victims.

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn Why they Must Not Be Forgotten

September 10. Those who identify as prolife or abolitionist often set it aside to focus on those lost to abortion. Those whom we remember don't need us to set aside special times or days for them. But we need these times of remembrance. In the daily grind of life, it gets so easy to forget. In the Bible, many accounts of sin and failure happen because people forget what they were delivered from. When we forget important things, we may become complacent, bored or lose our perspective. Those of us who know the truth about abortion need to remember those lost to it. Doing that keeps us motivated to continue to speak up for them. Most in out culture, our local churches and our families don't encourage us in these efforts. In fact, they normally discourage us! Remembering those who have lost their lives also respects them and their memories. And so we extend this same respect to the unborn. Another group of people can be comforted by this time. These are those who have had or participated in abortions. They can use this time to mourn the babies lost and admit that they have suffered loss at their own hand. They can ask and get forgiveness from God in Christ--the same forgiveness we all need. Most pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) offer afterabortion support. You can locate one in your area by CLICKING HERE. There's hope for you.

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn We Can Remember and Honor Them

What can we do on September 10 as a day to remember the unborn? To make sure those lost to abortion aren't forgotten? We can do many things that can prevent and end abortion. We can try to volunteer or donate supplies or money to our local PRCs. Find the link in the earler paragraph to locate a center in your area. Many of us can go to our local Planned Parenthood facilities. Outside of these facilities we can pray for the women and men going inside, for the babies about to be killed, and all the abortion workers there. Some of us may consider becoming "sidewalk counselors," prolife workers who plead with moms for their babies' lives and hand out prolife info. THose of us with resources can consider adoption or traveling to appeal to Congress on behalf of the unborn. But all of us, no matter wha our circumstances, can do something. Find the button below and sign the petition there. After the attached letter to your local Member of Congress. If you're outside the US, you can share this post to spread the word to your friends in the US so they can sign.

In honor of the unborn, click the button below to sign a petition to ban abortion and strengthen is alternatives.

September 10, Day of Remembering the Unborn

The above photo is by George Bannister and is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 A Generic License.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Meme Based on Family Photo

Defund Planned Parenthood now!

Shut down Planned Parenthood!

Hold Planned Parenthood accountable!

Prosecute Planned Parenthood!

Expose Planned Parenthood!

Yes, for months the calls to disciplinary action for Planned Parenthood have raged on. Supporters of Planned Parenthood have come out on the defensive, with their counter-calls:

Stand with Planned Parenthood!

Protect Planned Parenthood!

Stop the attacks on Planned Parenthood!

So how do we deal with these raging "culture wars"?

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough? Why Defund Planned Parenthood?

The call to defund this organization is not because government funding for abortion, itself. Funds don't go for the estimated 330,000 abortions that Planned Parenthood oversees a year. An amendment has seen to it that no tax $$$ go to abort babies. Outrage comes from undercover videos that have surfaced, and which are in themselves controversial. Planned Parenthood opponents hold that the videos are a genuine expose of Planned Parenthood. Supporters of Planned Parenthood (PP) hold that these videos are heavily edited and doctored. It is unclear, but what is clear is that while Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions as well as of hormonal contraceptives (many that can act as abortifacients and are funded by tax $$$). There are other providers for abortions and abortifacients but PP is the biggest.
Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
Prolife Meme

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough? Why Defunding Alone Isn't Enough

Do we hold that life begins at conception? In the U.S., tax $$$ go to an organization that oversees 330,000 abortions a year. That's Planned Parenthood (PP). If you're prolife you're being forced to fund an organization that oversees 330,000 murders a year. If you factor in taxp ayer-funded contraceptives with abortifacient properties, the government is funding very early abortions. Most supporters of Planned Parenthood truly feel that the organization providers primary health care for women. Does it? PP claims they are health care providers for women. Most who support them agree with them. This includes those who have used PP and those who haven't set foot in a pp facility. Now our culture defines abortion and contraceptives as women's healthcare. But research and testimonies have indicated that PP have embellished, even lied about their claims. "Services" PP claims they provide, arn't as comprehensive as touted. There is a real fear that there will be a health care crisis if Planned Parenthood is defunded. Yet there are an estimated 13,000 community clinics where no abortions are done. They provide comprehensive care for women and families. Do women know about these clinics? Has our culture convinced them that they "need abortion?" Would this keep them from even considering alternatives? THat may be true of the so-called "hard-core aborters." But many women aren't aware of their options.

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough? How You Can Help

You may wonder, What can I do about this? You may have signed petitions calling for a mere ban for PP funding. But these petitions don't go beyond this. They don't address alternatives for the same women who may use PP. Some "Defund PP" petitions seem to be nothing more than "email grabs" or fundraisers. I've created a petition that actually supplements all the outraged prolife calls to simply strip Planned Parenthood of all government funds. The petition calls on Congress to move those $$$ to the 13,000 community health clinics. Congress is challenged to expand Medicaid. An option is to allow OB/GYNS more incentives to care for poor women. The petition challenges Congress to provide financial subsidies for single parents and low-income families. Congress cannot or will not implement everything proposed in this petition. I get that. But implementing some of these measures would be a good start in the right direction. It would eliminating a reason many abortions are sought: the lack of accessible alternatives.

Thank you if you have already signed this petition. SHARE it with your own friends, again. If you have not yet signed it, I call on you to add your name. Click the banner below. Already signed? Share this post or click the banner below and share from the page. Thank you.

Petition - Congress, Fund Life-Affirming Health & Social Services for Women & Families! - GoPetition

Is Defunding Planned Parenthood Enough?
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is An Abortion Ban Enough?

Is An Abortion Ban Enough?
Prolife Meme

Ban abortion!

Abolish abortion!

End abortion!

Make abortion illegal!

Overturn Roe vs. Wade!

Is An Abortion Ban Enough? Incrementalism in Prolife Work

The majority of us in the prolife want to ban abortion. Make it illegal. Abolish it. Why, the first part of this site is titled "Ban Abortion." The second part is titled "Protect Babies." It's a laudable thing to work to make abortion illegal. Abortion is an injustice and violence against a people group. An unseen people group. A vulnerable people group. Recognizing this, prolife workers seek to offer alternatives to abortion as they support restrictions on it. Restrictions not a ban. This is known as incrementalism. What does this long word mean? Incrementalism seeks to effect change, but in increments. This is the typical approach to prolife activism. That's why abortion restrictions vary from state to state. Many states now have "Parental Consent" laws. Politicians of these states have passed these laws so that minors will be accountable to their parents even in this. Some states have banned abortions after 20 weeks. This gestation stage is when we believe the unborn can feel pain. Some states have passed Ultrasound laws. These laws require docrors to parents ultrasounds of their babies. Prolife politicians hope this will save many babies' lives. Findings show that most women who see their babies on ultrasound choose life for their babies. Some states have defunded Planned Parentood. Some states have legislation Protecting babies with Down's Syndrome. All incremental pieces of legislation. They protect some babies and not the rest.

Is An Abortion Ban Enough? Abolition and Prolife Work

Abolition is the opposite of incrementalism. Abolitionists hate incrementaism. They view it as the enemy of change. They want abortion banned today! Modern abortion abolition is an ideology that hasn't been around that long. CLICK HERE to learn more. As I have read and studied the site, it's clear that their issue isn't so much with the pro-choice community. Astonishingly, their main issue is with the prolife movement! In a way I can understand. Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) outnumber Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities. Prolife activists have worked for over four decades to get the prolife message out. Yet, tragically, abortion continues to kill some 3500 U.S. babies daily. Abortion abolitionists take note of this and wonder, "What will it take to outright end this child sacrifice? What will it take to end all abortions? No exceptions? No compromises?" I agree with abolitionists. Yet is a ban enough? What will those facing crisis pregnancies do unless alternatives are strengthened? And another one is added to replace abortion? Abolitionists seem to just want an abortion ban. Banning abortion, by itself, will only increase illegal abortions. I agree with pro-choice people here. Those in crisis need alternatives to abortion to be made even better. They also need an option to replace abortion. Sadly, there seems no way to get prolifers and abolitionists to unify and work together. I observe too much mud-slinging on both sides. It's sad, especially among people who love Jesus and people.

Is An Abortion Ban Enough? Needed: Stronger Alternatives to Abortion

An abortion ban isn't enough. We need to strengthen adoption laws. Laws surrounding parenting for singles and law-income parents need to be improved. How about legislating an option that is already widely available for many neglectful and abusive parents? Two-year foster care, while not ideal, would save babies. Many parents choose abortion because they know that they "can't parent now" but can't bear adoption. Adoption is permanent and final. Two-year foster care would motivate parents who want children "but not now." It would be an incentive to those who can't parent 'just yet." If we strengthen adoption laws, more parents may adopt. More birth parents may choose adoption instead of abortion. The same holds true of parenting laws. How can we make this work? Many of us can't travel and deal with lawmakers face-to-face. But we can sign a petition; we can send the letter that goes with it. It'll go to our own Members of Congress. Hit the button below. Find the petition page. Add your name to it. Then read the accompanying latter to your Member of Congress. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook and on Google. Outside the U.S.? Then simply share this post with your prolife friends who live in this u.S.!

Is An Abortion Ban Enough?
Call to Action

Click button below to get updates!

Is An Abortion Ban Enough?
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