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Friday, August 18, 2017

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice
Prolife Petitions Banner

Take a few minutes to be a voice. To do so you need not even leave this webpage!

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice Sign Prolife Petition Calling for Abortion Ban

You can take a few minutes to be a voice. Let me tell you about this first petition. Of course, we know that abortion kills over 3500 babies daily. In the U.S. alone! All of us who are prolife want abortion to be illegal. We want it to be banned. Yes, many advance the "coat hanger" theory to argue against illegal abortion. That is, they argue that women "need" abortions. This theory betrays ignorance about alternatives. Apologists for this theory don't realize that an estimated 17,000 community clinics exist that serve women and babies. They forget that there are actually no "unwanted" children. Many couples are desperate to adopt. Their first choice are babies. But there is a serious shortage of babes. The reason? Abortion snuffed out their lives. Many of these babies could have been wanted and loved in an adoptive home. This petition goes further than calling for an abortion ban. It calls for funding for the estimated 17,000 community clinics. Subsidies for qualified adoptive couples would be helpful. So this petition calls for this. And what about a new alternative to replace abortion? Two-year temporary foster care? This campaign calls for this to be law in all 50 states. To be optional for those who want children "but not now." To end a tragic edidemic and improve alternatives, sign the embedded petition below. Have you signed it? Then share this post! Outside the U.S.? Share this post so your U.S. friends can sign it! Thank you.

Sign this petition also on Petition2Congress:

Take A Few Minutes to Be A Voice Sign Prolife Petition to Make Banning Abortion Bi-Partisan

You can take a few minutes to be a voice. Right on this second petition. We who are prolife or abolitionist want abortion banned. Unfortunately, we must be realistic. Banning abortion and protecting the unborn is now partisan. Divisive. I can't count the number of times I've heard it argued that this is a "Republican issue." An abortion ban and prolife advocacy are considered "conservative issues." I know why this is. Planneed Parenthood owns the Democratic leadership. Planned Paenthood has paid off DEmocratic leaders. My hope and prayer is that God will raise up a prolife Democrat to eventually fill the Democratic Chairmanship! First of all, let me define a "prolife Democrat." This is a person who identifies with the Democratic Party on all social justic and economic issues. But this person upholds the right of the unborn to live. He or she wants to fight for the unborn within the Democratic Party. Doing so would make protecting the unborn a bi-partisan issue. As the buzzwords say, United we stand and divided we fall. This is especially true when trying to abolish a social evil through being part of the solution. Thus I hope that you'll sign the embedded petition below. If you've already signed it, then simply share this page. Outside the U.S.? THen share this page so your U.S. friends can sign! Thank you.

Thank you for your support! Interested in getting free stuff? Consider visiting one of my webpages and click right here.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Practical Ways to End Abortion

practical ways to end abortion
Handmade Religious Banner

What are practical ways to end abortion? Abortion kills some 3500 babies daily.

What are practical ways to end abortion? As long as it remains legal, what can we do?

What are practical ways to end abortion? After much prolife work, the law still doesn't protect the unborn.

What are practical ways to end abortion? Each of us can do something!

Practical Ways to End Abortion Direct Assistance

1).What if you get the news that your daughter faces an unplanned pregnancy? Yes, that's traumatic but your rejection won't help. Stand by her! Offer to take her to a Pregnancy Resource Center. CLICK HERE to locate your local pregnancy resource center. They'll help her in many ways and stand with her after she gives birth. Be her best ally!

2). Have time and resources? Take a pregnant woman into your home. Assist her. Stay by her throughout her prgnancy and afterward!

3). Have time and skills to share? Volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center (PRC). Donate money. Buy maternity or baby clothes. Donate supplies or books. You can locate your local PRC. CLICK HERE to locate your local PRC.

4). Have transportation and time? Pray outside of your local Planned Parenthood. Consider becoming a sidewalk counselor. Plead with moms to choose life for their babies. Tell them they can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) and that they can text "Helpline" to 313131. Show them that they have options!

5). Can't intervene outside of your local Planned Parenthood? You can do online sidewalk counseling! Do this! CLICK HERE to visit this abortion forum. Set up an account there. Send private messages to the women and share with them the http://optionline.org link. Find yourself banned? Saving one baby and one mom from abortion is worth it all!

6). Know someone facing a crisis pregnancy? Encourage them to choose life. Tell them about local PRCs. Get them connected with their local pregnancy resource center!

7). If you are in the position to do it, adopt. Consider adopting an older child. Adopt one with special needs. Even adopt or a sibling group. This rescues children and witnesses to your community.

8).If it is for you, take in foster children. I do not think there is an age limit for this. There's a need for Christ-centered foster care homes. Also, you may be able to give foster care to a baby who otherwise would have been aborted!

9).Are you or a family member facing an unplanned pregnancy? Get to a pregnancy resource center. Visit Optionline. It's full of info for how to get help and provides a list of all pregnancy resource centers by state. Call 1-800-712-HELP (4357) or text "Helpline" to 313131. Resist any family pressure to get an abortion!

10). What if you learn that your son has gotten a girl pregnant? Challenge him to take responsibility for the baby he has helped conceived. This is human decency. This may save a baby and a mom from abortion.

. Practical Ways to End Abortion Education and Awareness

1). Educate yourself about abortion and fetal development. Read books by those who have had abortions. Visit prolife websites to educate yourself.

2). Educate yourself about adoption, various disabilities and other issues surrounding sanctity of human life.

3). Stand up for your prolife convictions in conversation. Do this especially when others ask questions about abortion issues.

4). Write prolife letters to you local newspaper Editor. Share any experience you have with an unplanned pregnancy.

5). Share your prolife story! Tell how you became opposed to abortion and an advocate for the unborn. CLICK HERE where you can draft your story and submit it!

6). Are you inclined to setting up blogs or websites? Set up a blog or website. Devote it to the end of ending abortion and protecting babies.

7). If you have a blog or website, link it to resources for those in crisis pregnancies or who have had abortions. These include: https://www.care-net.org/find-a-pregnancy-center and http://hopeafterabortion.com.

8). If you have a blog or website, publish the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is:1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is a toll-free number.

9).Place prolife bumper stickers on your car wind shield.

10).Raise your son to take responsibility for himself and his decisionss. This includes taking responsibility for the children he fathers. This assumes that he knows he has fathered a child! Some women "make the abortion choice" behind the man's back.

11). Raise your children to respect themselves and their bodies. Instill in them that life should be protected from conception to natural death.

12). Have time? Research which businesses donate to abortion facilities. Write to these businesses about your convictions.

13). Have aptitude for public speaking or writing? Use your talents for the unborn!

Practical Ways to End Abortion


1). CLICK HERE to sign a 100% prolife petition on Change.org. It calls for a ban on abortion. It calls for strengthening alternatives. It calls for a new alternative to replace abortion.

2). CLICK HERE to sign this same prolife petition on CitizenGo.org.

3). CLICK HERE and sign this same 100% prolife petition at the PetitionSite.

4). Circulate these petitions. Use these shortlinks: chn.ge/28RGZdC, bit.ly/28XG0wi, and bit.ly/29haMvx. Be persistent! One day polticians will listen to us.

5). Have time and resources? Use them to appear before Congree on behalf of the unborn.

6). Vote prolife. Vote for those candidates and values that mean most to you. Vote to protect those who are unborn and born. This may seem hard, especially as sanctity of life and social justice issues get pitted against each other. This so often happens across party lines. Vote your conscience.

7). CLICK HERE to sign a Change.org petition to make two-year foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Nationwide, this would be an option to replace abortion. Circulate this petition. Temporary foster care is available for even abusive or neglectful parents; why not for those with unplanned pregnancies?

8) Are you outside the U.S.? Do you have other abortion-related issues you want to see addressed? You can start a petition on Change.org to run a petition.

9). Do you have an aptitude for politics? Consider running for office at especially state and federal levels! Make protecting the unborn and ending abortion your priority. Run for office especially if you're a Democrat! Unless protecting the unborn becomes a bi-partisan issue, abortion will never end! Needed: Pro-life Democrats in power!

10). There's a new prolife petition where you can send a letter! Visit the petition platform here. There are many other ways to be help end abortion! You're restricted to these.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Abortion Affects Men Also

Abortion Affects Men Also
Man Praying

Abortion affects men also. They factor in every abotion decision.

Abortion affects men also. It takes two to make a baby, remember?

Abortion affects men also. Without them we can't end it.

Abortion Affects Men Also Not Just Between A Woman and Her Doctor

Abortion is widely defined as a woman's issue. I know that, being a woman I'm not the best voice to speak to this. So pardon me if I may leave some things out; it's unintentional. It's forever true women get pregnant. She's the one who deals with monthly cycles. She's the one who has to change make changes in her lifestyle to protect her unborn child. Culture fills her with the notion that she must face her choice alone. She suffers the physical complications of pregnancy. She suffers the physical complication of abortion. However, who fathered that baby? Who is the second party who helped conceive this baby? The boyfriend or the husband! I'm asssuming that he knows his mate is facing a pregnancy. He too ought to be involved in the choice his girlfriend or wife makes. The choice affects him on an emotion and spiritual level. But because this culture has convinced us that abortion is a woman's issue, men often don't take responsibility for the children they father. This is true especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. The practice of men bailing out on unwillingly pregnant girlfriends or wives is prevalent. It's alarmingly common for people to say, "I don't know who my father is." This is sad. In the Bible, fathers aren't secondary parents, as our culture defines them. He is central to his marriage and family life.

Abortion Affects Men Also Personal Experience

Through my mom's experience I can speak to this. I know my story is sadly far from unique. In mid-1959, mom, 16, learned that she was pregnant. No one in her family wanted her pregnant. That was pre-Roe was abortion wasn't available to her. When her 18 year old boyfriend learned of her pregnancy, he was livid. He had to do something. And he did. He kicked his girlfriend in the stomach. What was that supposed to do? Maybe it was meant to induce a miscarriage. Maybe he was just venting his anger. The 16 year old girl was my mom. her 18 year old boyfriend is my late biological dad. Outside of this, how did he handle Mom's pregnancy? Not well. He and mom did enter into a forced marriage for a year. "He led me a dog's life. He abused and neglected us," Mom recalls. She divorced him after a year. He faded out of my life and refused to pay Mom child support. Yes, unplanned pregnancies affect men. The choice made about them affects men. This is just one example of how men often react when wives or girlfriends face unplanned pregnancies. Today, with abortion being legal, boyfriends and husbands often bully women into abortion. Later, they may suffer guilt because they offered abortion instead of support to their partners. Yes, abortion affects men. On the other hand, other men tell of how they were left out of their partner's abortion decision. Their partners may have aborted behind their backs. These men grieve the loss of their fatherhood. Yes, whatever their reaction to an unplanned pregnancy, abortion affects men! It's not just between the woman and her doctor. It's not just a woman's business! We all are affected by abortion. Stop the "It's her business only" life.

Abortion Affects Men Also Call for Responsible Fathers

Fatherhood is marginalized. Our culture treats it as a secondary parenting role. many fathers don't see their role as being as important as that of the moms of their children. It's not this way in the Bible. In Scripture, the command to parents to train their children in the Lord is given to fathers first. Then it's given to moms. God doesn't marginalize fatherhood; he sees it as significant. He is important in his daughter's sexual identity. A close relationship with dad can keep her from being vulnerable to predatory males. The role of a dad in his son's life cannot be underestimated. So many men with cold, selfish dads grow up to abuse drugs, have major psychiatric issues, or turn to lives of crime. It's called a "dad-shaped hole" that so many dysfunctional individuals are trying to fill. But so many men have bought into the lie of our culture that dads aren't as important to their children as are moms. Therefore they so often don't take responsibility for children they father. This is certainly true of these children are unplanned. I wonder how many abortions could have been prevented if the dads would have supported their girfriends or wives. I'm sure far more than we know! I think this is the number one way to prevent many abortions! Men, take responsibility for the childre you father! Don't let her and your baby down! It took two to make that baby; it will take two to raise her. This is why abortion affects you also, men. You have no excuse not to support your partner in her pregnancy and afterward.

Pregnancy resource centers normally have support services for dads also. Pregnancy and postabortion services! CLICK HERE to locate a pregnancy resource center in your area.

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The above photo is provided courtesy of Human Coalition.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thinking About Abortion? Try This

Pregnancy Helpline Logo

Thinking about abortion? Try this.

You are one of those girls or women who are facing a pregnancy that you have not planned. Maybe you planned it but the your baby has a poor prenatal diagnosis. Maybe you have a medical condition that can affect your health during your pregnancy. Maybe You are still in your teens and are not ready to be a parent. You may want your baby but she has a poor prenatal diagnosis. You may be one of the unfortunate "exceptions" who faces a sexual assault pregnancy. You may be the parent, grandparent, boyfriend, or husband of a pregnant woman in crisis.

Thinking About Abortion? Try This Yes You're Facing a Difficult Situation!

Whatever the case, you are likely to be scared, confused and depressed. In most cases, one option comes to mind. I would be surprised if abortion never crossed your mind. You wonder if you should get an abortion. You know that if you get one, you need to do it early. They say that if you wait to get that abortion, it will be more painful and risky. It'll cost you more bucks. If you love someone in this crisis, you are likely to want her to abort. Your culture has told you that because it is legal, it is okay. Your daughter or girlfriend or wife can go on as before. No one need know! Why put her through that? Why should she bear the stigma? Right?

Thinking About Abortion? Try This What about Your Family?

I know that many of you identify as believers. Still you may still be severely tempted. You may know that your family, pastor and others from your local church family are prolife. You sense that they would strongly disapprove if you get that abortion. You'll be going against all they hold dear. What about the nearest Planned Parenthood in your area? You can do it secretly, can't you? No one would ever know. They would keep your secret. If you are a Christian mom, husband or boyfriend, you may have identified yourself as prolife. Now however, someone you love is facing this situation. You know that your pastor would not approve of what you are tempted to do. You are considering driving her to the Planned Parenthood facility to get it done. No one need know, and all of you can go back to what you were like before, right?

Think again.

Thing about Abortion? Try This Is Abortion Your Only Option?

You may think abortion is the only option. You may think it is the best thing to turn to in your situation. It is a necessary evil. It's not like you want to get this abortion. It doesn't give you any pleasure to get your baby killed. You just want out of a difficult situation! Yes, you know about adoption. But you find it unthinkable to give away your baby to strangers. Why carry to full-term, and bond with your baby? Then you give her away after she is born? Pregnancy is a bonding time! But you cannot afford a baby! So you're not ready to parent. This baby was not in your plan. What are you supposed to do? If abortion is not the only option, should you turn to a local church family? Those judgmental Christians?

Thinking about Abortion? Try this You've Got Options!

So what are your options? You may never have heard of pregnancy resource centers. If you haven't, that is because the media don't cover these centers. You need to know about them. You need to know there are more of them than there are Planned Parenthood facilities! Getting an abortion will cost you hundreds of dollars. These pregnancy resource centers provide all their services free. They'll never take a penny from you. Their services include ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and counseling. They also provide referrals to social and medical services, maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys, and diapers. Their services are confidential and they will protect your interests and that of your baby. They put you at the center of all they do.

You can call 1-800-712-HELP (4357).

You can text "Helpline" to 313131.

If you are pregnant and in crisis, visit this website and reach out for help! If someone you love is facing this, tell her about this website.

You can CLICK HERE to read about the story of one girl's abortion.

This image and logo are provided courtesy of Optionline.org. Optionline is a registered trademark of Heartbeat International, a worldwide network of pregnancy help ministries all over the world.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Anti-Woman? Pro-Woman?

Pregnant Mom

Anti-Woman? Pro-Woman? Many people see efforts to end abortion as a war on women's rights and women's health care. Is it?

Abortion is called women's reproductive right, freedom, or choice. It's called women's health care. We can't, they say, live without it!

Anti-Woman? Pro-Woman?

Current Perception

Anti-woman? Pro-woman? Outside the prolife community, people see us as pro-baby but anti-woman. They see any calls to continue an unwanted or crisis pregnancy as "compulsory pregnancy" or being "pro-birth." Causes that favor abortion play the war on women card to stir supporters' emotions. "Stand with Planned Parenthood. Stand with Women," is frequently used to garner support for the abortion provider. The "Born Alive Infant Protection Act" is legislation meant to protect babies who live through their abortions. Amazingly, opponents to this proposed legislation said this about their lack of support: "Passing this bill would endanger women's care." Almost all of us have heard these lines: "Abortion gives woman equality with men" "Abortion is not our business. It's should be between the woman and her doctor." A pro-choice Christian would add, "and God." Outside the prolife community, people see abortion as a a safety net for women. People oppose calls to ban abortion with, "Do you want to go back to the 1950's when women died from illegal abortions?"

Anti-woman? Pro-woman? Have we gotten used to the idea that we "must have abortion"?

Anti-Woman? Pro-Woman?

Effect on Ending Abortion

Prolife workers are widely seen as pro-baby and anti-woman. At least, we care more about baby than mom.Why this perception? I know some of it is because people don't want to admit that in every pregnancy, at least two lives are involved. I know that virtually all prolife workers value moms as much as babies. This just isn't clear to those outside the prolife community. Some of that may be because of often inflammotory rhetoric: "abortion mills," "abortuaries," "baby-killing Centers," "murder pills," and "baby butchers." Terms like "abortionists," "pro-death," "baby-killers," and other such rhetoric, don't help. There is truth in each of these terms. But they come off as insensitive, ungracious, judgmental and unloving. People tend to carricaturize pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) as misleading. They label PRCs as deceptive, having their own agendas, and out of touch with women. Acts of violence against abortion facilities, especially Planned Parenthood, have probably contributed most to this perception. The perpetrators of these acts of violence aren't prolife workers. But people confuse them with prolife workers. Right or wrong, people often know us for what we oppose (abortion). But they may not know what we are for (the sanctity of all life).

Anti-woman? Pro-woman? Perception may be inaccurate but as we must confront it. We need to avoid even the appearance of evil. Women and those who love them, will listen to us. But on one condition. They need to KNOW that we're as much for them as we are for their babies.

Anti-Woman? Pro-Woman?


We can't control the actions of others. We can't control what they say. We can control only our words and actions. We can do things to avoid the stereotype of prolife people being just "anti-abortion" and "pro-birth." We can show that we're for mom's life as much as we are for baby's life. We can avoid inflammatory rhetoric. Instead of "abortuaries" or "abortion mills," call them abortion facilities. Instead of "baby butchers" or "abortionists," call them "abortion workers." We can and should always pray for both moms, babies, and their families. God will give us His heart for all involved in crisis. Do you talk to women or abortion workers at abortion facilities? You can show them love and concern for their well-being. Former Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson, says what caused her to become prolife. She witnessed the love and prayers of prolife people for her. She testifies that prolife people outside of her facility would show her love and concern. They let her know that they were praying for her. If we can, we ought to consider volunteering at our local PRC's. If opportunity arises, consider taking in a pregnant girl or woman in crisis. When we take a stand on abortion, we should acknowledge that women face a difficult situation. And that we want to help her.

Consider signing and/or circulating this woman-friendly, prolife petition.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Save Animals? Save Babies?

animal rights baby rights

Save animals? Save babies? Which one matters most?

Animal causes always generates passion. People causes seem to generate less of it. I'm not denying that advocates for people cause are passionate about what they do. I've often noticed that animal cause seem to attract more supporters than people causes. Animal rights activists contantly create petitions to save animal specific specicies. I remember the "Save the African Lions!" petition from years ago. Many thousands of supporters signed it. Remember Cecile the Lion and the outrage over her death. I can't forget. The media gave major coverage to Cecile. Remember how people lambasted the dentist who killed her?Someone started a petition to bring the dentist who killed her, to justice. Thousands of people signed that petition. I have a people petition on the PetitionSite. It calls for the law to protect the unborn. Not surprisingly, The PetitionSite often features animal rights petitions. When I see their Facebook page, animal rights petitions on their site show up on my Newsfeed. Petitions for animals always attract thousands of signatures. Also, many people call for animal life to be considered equal to human life. I have heard people say honestly, "I care more about animals than people. Animals don't do the evil things people do. They don't hate like people do." Wonder why people feel this way?

Save animals? Save babies? Who is most vulnerable

Animal rights activists see animals as more vulnerable than humans. This makes sense when you talk about average adults. Animals can't speak up for themselves. They can't defend themselves. They don't have the moral awareness to do evil. Sure, they get violent. They kill each other and humans. But they do these things out of survival instincts. No premeditation is ever involved. Therefore, animal rights often move people more than people rights. I get that. Evidence shows that people can abuse animals terribly. There's no excuse for it. Study after study show that chidre who abuse animals end up abusing people. Serial killers often "start out" as animal abusers. My commericals show heart-wrenching footage of abused animals. This should not be. And animal rights activists do well to go to bat for them.

Save animals? Save babies? Whose life isn't protected by law?

Animal rights supporters may miss something. Animal cruelty is illegal. It should be. I understand that it's a felony in all 50 states. The law protects the lives of animals. Whose life does the law not protect? The unborn! Federal law allows abortion in all nine months of pregnancy. While animal rights petitions always gather thousands of signatures, the same isn't always true of prolife petitions. Violated animal rights don't polarize us. Violated unborn human rights do! When have animal rights ever been seen as controversial? Does anyone talk about the "right to choose" to be cruel to animals? Does anyone talk about our "freedom" to abuse animals? Since when has anyone called animal abuse "care"? Yet abortion, the killing of babies, bitterly polarizes us. many of us view it as a "choice." We view it is "reproductive freedom." We even call it "health care." The government even funds Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider. We may not fund abortions. But funding an abortion provider enables abortions to keep being done.

"Save the animals!" we cry. Yet we allow babies to die. Over 3500 of them daily!

Save Animals? Save Babies? Current Situation

We give many excuses as to why abortion should stay legal. Yet something is seriously wrong with this. What is wrong with us when the law protects animals but not human babies? I know that women who face unplanned pregnancies face difficult decisions. These decisions can never be undone. In false compassion, we make abortion available to her. Get rid of the pregnancy. Get rid of the inconvenience. Go back to life as before! No one offers "the right to abuse animals" to those who face tough situations because of difficult pets. Animal rights laws may not aways be respected. The existence of animal rescue shelters proves this, or a I missing something? But at least laws exist. The laws don't even pretend that unborn babies have the right to live. Why, many oppose protecting aborted babies who are born alive! We have gotten so used to abortion that we believe we can't live without it. That is why any call to make it illegal can't just make abortion illegal. Such legislation MUST include strengthening alternatives to abortion. Such legislation should even replace abortion with a new life-affirming aternative. Short of this, banning abortion would lead to more illegal abortions. Babies would still die. The Change.org petition below call for an abortion ban. It also calls for better laws to offer better and more abortion alternatives.

Animal rights advocacy shouldn't conflict with prolife advocacy. Can't we allow both to happen?

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Must We Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

God not Republican or Democrat
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Must we vote for the Lesser of two evils? During election years, we're advised to "vote for the lesser of two evils." THis is true of we're followers of Jesus. It's true if we're defenders of the unborn.

Vote for the lesser of two evils? Where in the Bible are we told to do that?

The Challenge

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? Christian leaders and prolife leaders often say we should. We have no choice, we're told. No political candidate is perfect. That's not what this post is about. None of us is perfect and that includes political candidates. It's when we have only two evils to choose from that many believe that we must settle for "the lesser of two evils." Both candidates are evils. However, one is seen as even worse than the other. Hence, the other is the lesser of the two evils. For example, take abortion. One candidate is pro-choice and wouldn't protect the unborn. Yet this candidate, otherwise, shows integrity, character, compassion, and class. Outside of abortion, her policies and positions are life-affirming and solid. The second candidate professes to be prolife. He claims he'd protect the unborn. However, he's exhibited serious character flaws. He's been caught in lies. He seems to be in it for himself. Many of his policies would hurt citizens. So what do we do? We're caught between a rock and a hard place when facing the voting booth. What a difficult decision!

The Challenge This Election

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? This election year seems to be like no other. We're confronted with two presumptive nominees. Both of them have serious character issues. One is perceived as being honest or trustworthy. According to the latest polls, 69 percent of U.S. voters don't see Hillary Clinton as honest or trustworthy. Most of this is because of her email scandal. The GOP and the media won't let the matter drop. And so this has affected the pubic's perception of Clinton. On the Republican side, Donald Trump professes to be prolife. He says he'll protect the unborn. He says he'll appoint prolife justices to the Supreme Court. Yet his candidacy is problematic fr many of us. Many of his own fellow Republicans won't endorse him. Trump has exhibited anger, immaturity and instability. We have caught him in many lies. He changes his mind on everything, frequently. He says whatever pops into his mind. Never mind how hurtful it is! He has hurt women, Hispanics, Blacks, and those with disabilities, with bullying remarks. His policies are authoritaran. He wants to withdraw most of our troops from military peacekeeping. He wants to build a wall to keep "illegal aliens" out. He demands that Mexico pay for this wall. He wants to re-instate waterboarding. And so on. Reports indicate that fraud looms huge in his past. His actions have put people out of their homes. He has defrauded many people. It seems we have two evils confronting us. Many of us are disturbed by a Clinton Presidency. We're also disturbed by a Trump Presidency. If we want to protect the unborn, what should we do? If we want to honor Christ at the ballot box, what should we do?

Toward A Solution

Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? It seems that many people still think so. This election year, many people are supporting Donald Trump. Why? It's not because they like him. It's because they believe that under a Trump Presidency, more babies will be saved. They believe he'll appoint Supreme Court justices who will embody Biblical principles. On the other hand, many people support Clinton only because they see her as the lesser of wo evils. They see that her policies won't be authoritarian like Trump's. They detest Trump so much they'll vote for Clinton. Must we settle? This is where Third Party candidates come in. Granted, we often see them as "spoilers." So we don't vote for them. They'd never win any election. However, may we consider that this is merely prgmatism? What about principle? What about conscience? A third party candidate may embody Biblical values more than the major party candidates. He may exhibit much more character than the two major candidates. He may be 100% prolife. He may be a strong follower of Jesus. But most of us feel we must "hold our noses" and vote for one of the major party candidates. Must we? If more of us voted our consciences, our elections outcomes may be very different! Must we vote for the lesser of two evils? No way! Let's bear in mind that we'll have to render account to God for how we voted!

Will you vote your conscience this early November?

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CLICK HERE to examine this Third Party candidate's website.